Headlines for Humans and Machines

Headlines for Humans and Machines

Headlines are very important on every page. They immediately shout out to humans what the page is about. It is the headline that brings the reader in and gets them to read the article.

Headlines are used everywhere in newspapers, magazines, cookbooks, everywhere we find the printed word. Headline and subheads help direct the eye and categorize information. What’s funny is how few websites use headlines at all. It’s like we threw out everything we learned about typography and traditional design when the internet came along.

Now that you know the human benefit of using headlines and subheads on every page, there’s a second even greater benefit. Many search engines give greater “weight” or “findability” to keywords that appear in headlines. Why? Because they’re headlines, and headlines are important, therefore the most important words must be the ones in the headlines!

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It’s important to note here, that when using your HTML editor, there are two ways of making your type larger or smaller. One is with + or – which will increase or decrease your type size. It will not give the search engine boost that I just talked about. The other uses header <H2></H2> tags. Put your headlines, which are made up of keyword phrases, inside of actual “header” tags whenever possible.

If you have an iPhone page a good headline might be “New iPhone Leak Reveals Apple’s Expensive Decision“. A lithium battery page might start with “Find lithium batteries for mobile, cellular and digital pcs phones”. Just look at all the great keywords we just slid into the headline for both humans and machines.

Make your headline into the biggest boldest HTML headline, right at the top of the page, ahead of anything else – banners, tables, graphics – I mean first. Now when a search engine catalogues your page, the keywords in the title and meta tags are reinforced by the same keywords in your headlines. The result is usually a big boost in search engine positioning.

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