How to Build Confidence and Trust, so Shoppers will Buy

How to Build Confidence and Trust, so Shoppers will Buy

Every day we are barraged by spinning icons, no clear sales message, no 1800 number, no guarantee, spelling errors. No wonder many consumers don’t have a lot of confidence shopping the web.

Believe us there’s a lot of sceptics out there. If you don’t present your sales message just right if there’s one little suspicion, one hesitation, or anything that causes a sense of caution, your prospect is gone, friend. They’re off and checking out the competition.

Remember, unless you are a nationally recognized brand, people don’t know anything about you. You need to build trust on every page.

Again we encourage you to use an 1800 toll-free number, nationally recognized logos, and a standard footer throughout your site.

Get a toll free 1800 number that works in all of India – not just in your hometown. Put it on every page. In fact, put it several times on every page.

The 1800 number is one of the single most powerful confidence builders. People can actually call up and talk to a human. This is critical, especially if you are selling a product or service that people have questions about.

Many people shop the net, but when it comes time to actually place an order, they do not trust (the reasons are endless) a machine. They want to call up and talk to someone. They want to give their credit card number to a human. They want to know there really IS someone on the other end.

If you’ve scored any big name customers, display them on your site. Say right in the footer that some of your customers include celebrities, leaders, and social workers. Having big companies as customers build credibility in your business, boosts shopper confidence and act as testimonials to your success.

Put credit card logos on every page. Let people know that you accept Visa, Mastercard and Rupay. Put it in the footer of every page so it keeps reminding people. The credit card logos add a lot of credibilities. Only a legitimate business can accept credit cards.

Put the shipping company logos on your page. Let people see the DTDC or BlueDart logos as a footer or sidebar on every page. The shipping company logos make your site seem more professional. People have confidence that their package can be tracked.

People are also confident that an international company is being held responsible, and accountable, for the delivery of their package. The shipping companies get the benefit of added exposure. Just ask them. They will tell you where to find their logos and how you can use them.

Line listing or just stating in the text that you accept credit cards is not enough. As people come to your page for the first time their eyes are scanning for visual confidence builders. They are asking themselves if they would buy from you….. Remember, they don’t know you.

Seeing the credit card and shipping company logos are like checking something off a “confidence checklist” that all humans seem to have. Let people check these critical factors off their list immediately by letting them see the logo. Don’t make people search for “confidence” builders, they might miss them.

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Join one of the regulatory companies on the web like JustDial or Sulekha. Having these logos on your page show the consumer that you are serious about resolving any complaints.

When you do get complaints, always try to resolve them in the favour of the customer. This is your opportunity to really impress them. You may even turn a complaint into a customer for life.

After listening to the complaint, ask the customer, “What do I need to do to make this right?” Listen carefully and then do it. The customer will be satisfied with your performance and often be amazed at your level of customer service. They might not turn into a written testimonial, but at the very least, they’ll tell all their friends about how you “made it right” for them.

You don’t need to have your own “secure certificate” to get started. Ask your webmaster or the person that hosts your website if they can set up a secure order form for you using their certificate. The answer is usually yes. If not, you may need to get your own certificate and your webmaster should be able to set this up for you.

When you click on any link leading to the online order form, a little dialogue box should pop up and say, “You are about to enter a secure area.” People like seeing this little box pop up. They get a real confidence boost when their browser shouts, “Hey, you are about to be secure.” People like being secure.

Your webmaster or site designer should be able to tell you how to make the secure area dialogue box pop up. It uses nothing more than a little bit of HTML code in the link that leads to the order form.

Once you’re on the secure order form page, the little key icon at the bottom of the browser window becomes locked. This lock indicates that you are in fact, using a secure order form. It offers a final visual security check for the consumer.

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