How to get opt-in email addresses

How to get opt-in email addresses

The visitor voluntarily fills out a form on your website. It can be as simple as just asking for their first name and email address. Or it could be on an order form. Somewhere on the form, there is a checkbox that states, “Yes, please email me news and product announcements.”

Usually, the amount of personal information people are willing to provide is in direct proportion to the perceived value of what they will receive. If you are willing to give a report worth $100, people might even provide you with a dirt world mailing address.

Over at Amazon, they have three sources for gathering email addresses; buying customers, a product news opt-in list, and free draw entries. Their “list” or database of email addresses is growing at the rate of over 500 names a month. They work the list, keeping the relationship fresh in the minds of the readers, with sales letters coupled with product announcements about once a month.

For the free draw, they decided to give away a cell phone every six months. The phone is a good value retailing at over $599 US. Since it has a high perceived value, people are willing to give their name, address, zip code, email addresses and phone numbers. Since they notify the winner by email, entrants need to stay on the list in order to find out if they won. If they opt out, they can’t win. Sneaky huh?

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There is also the option to fill out a questionnaire. There is a link to the form near the top right-hand corner of the site’s directory page. The text stands out because it is a different font and bigger than the rest of the text on the page. Only the name and email addresses are required fields, but most people fill out the entire questionnaire. They ask what make and model phone they have, as well as what they are likely to buy in the next six months.

When they get a new product for a phone, the first thing they do is sort their database by phone type. Then email all the customers and people on the opt-in list, letting them know about this great new product just for them. Depending on the popularity of the item, they have experienced up to a 35% response to our direct email offers.

When it comes to customers, most are willing to give you their email address. If they ask “Why do you want my email address?” Justify your request with a need. For example, if you use trackable shipping, you might reply, “So we can send you a tracking number.”

If you use free airmail shipping you might reply, “So we can send you an order confirmation number.” Or, so we can confirm when your order has been shipped. Or, In case there’s a problem with your order and we can’t get a hold of you by phone. You’ll find most people will now give their email address. And most don’t mind getting mail from you later, because you’ve already started an email relationship with them.

If a customer asks or states “I’m not going to be put on an email list, am I? Tell them no and type N/A in the email field of your sales database. This way, when you export all the email addresses, you can omit all the N/As and prevent them from receiving an email from you. You want to honour all remove requests immediately.

There are many other ways to get opt-in email addresses. Besides asking customers, some of the more popular include offering a free newsletter, secret report, or series of tips. There are also surveys, free for all links, classified ads, buy and sell areas, reminder services and members-only subscription areas.

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