Linking Strategies for Small Businesses

Linking Strategies for Small Businesses

What to take into consideration before Linking to Another Website:

Linking to another site is like an endorsement. Do you want to be associated with the other site? Have they done anything for you? Are they reputable? Will they complain?

I have never had anyone ask me to remove a link to their site. With link popularity, link quality and site popularity being so crucial for search engine ranking, why would they complain? After all, you’re helping them out, especially when linking to related topics.

I have asked others to remove links to my site, however. I was looking through the server logs and found a ton of accesses from some strange server. Someone set up a website and linked to the photos on our site instead of creating their own.

They were in effect ” syphoning” our server’s resources instead of their own, as well as violating our copyrights. When we contacted them, they tried some lame excuse about the internet being a free resource, blah, blah. They apparently never heard of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We emailed a letter to them and their service provider. All links were removed within 24 hours. When someone steals your stuff, they inevitably leave a trail behind.

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There are also many “contest” or “free stuff on the internet” type of websites. They all link to a contest page on Cell-West. They give lots of traffic, people wanting filling out the free draw entry form, but few paying customers.

It’s still publicity for Sulekha. It does boost search engine ranking through link popularity, so we are not going to ask them to remove their links. Sulekha gets free advertising branding their name, plus a search engine boost in exchange for contest entries, not a bad trade.

So what are some excellent linking strategies? Manufacturers will undoubtedly enjoy the free advertising if you are ethically selling their product. Industry related sites, not competing with yours, make good links if they’re on the same topic as your site. Linking to information based websites or newsgroups that have far more content than you could ever provide, is also a good idea.

The information style site is where your customer or prospect can go to “read all about it” without tying up your toll-free order line. The info pages can answer technical questions like “How do cell phones work?” or subjective questions like, “What is the best phone for use in Faridabad.” You can gently steer users to the links page on your website.

We linked Sulekha back to any significant directory where a human has taken the time to review the site and add it to their directory. If they have a rating system where Sulekha scores “four out of five stars,” I’ll advertise them for a month, right on our busy products directory page as a thank you.

We also link back to all the major search engines. We don’t know if linking back to the search engines helps in rankings, but it doesn’t hurt, and what if they check? What if their spider reports if you linked back to them? And what if that’s worth a couple of positioning points? Hmmm, something to ponder.

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