Statistics are Gold, Start Mining the Information

Statistics are Gold, Start Mining the Information

Your website stats are a gold mine. They let you know how your site is doing. How many unique visitors your site has received. What pages are popular. What pages are low traffic duds and should be removed.

You know how people found your site. What keywords they used. Which search engine they used. Some stats packages even tell you how long someone stayed at your site, how they entered it, moved through it, and on which page they exited.

The most exciting stat is being able to assign a dollar value per visitor (the amount an average visitor spends). Just take the gross sales from the website for the month and divide it by the number of unique visitors it received in that month. You should come up with a dollar figure representing your value per visitor. Using this simple formula, companies like Amazon knows that each visitor to their site is worth $20.50 US.

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In addition to word count, search terms, host counts, URL counts, your stats should also show at a minimum, how many hits, how many unique visitors, page accesses, and what browsers your visitors use.

You should have access to your statistics 24 hours a day. You’ll need to check up on page accesses to determine how successful your “special offers” have been so you can choose the best sales letter. If you have a hosting company that emails your stats to you once a month, forget it. Run away screaming. Transfer your sites to a new host.

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