The Benefits of User Generated Content and How to Generate it

The Benefits of User Generated Content and How to Generate it

What if your website visitors did all the work and you could sit back and take all the credit? Ahh, what a life that would be. If you set up an internet community, the idea is not so far-fetched.

Get the users to generate and write the content for your site. Find others that are passionate about the same topic as you and provide them with a virtual playground.

Give them online forms to fill out. Give them ways of submitting photographs. Let them tell you – and each other – what they think and what they know. Let them share their experiences. Soon you’ll have more content than you can deal with. You’ll need to automate with some kind of online database or discussion forum software.

Let’s take cooking for example, and let’s assume that you’ve got your community site positioned high in the search engines (because you followed what you learned in this book). Let’s assume when people are looking for “Red-Sauce Pasta Recipes” they find your site.

Put up a template or form that allows people to choose a recipe category like bread, desserts, main dish, appetizer and so on. Then include areas for recipe title, prep time, cooking time, servings, ingredients and the method.

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Now encourage people to use the form to add their own recipe to your database. Let people add their name and city to the form so they get a little “claim to fame” by having recipes published online. And if the recipe has a story or history behind it, wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift or legacy to leave behind.

If cooking is too broad a category try a single category like cookies. Try baking some of them and rate the results on a scale of one to five stars. Take photos of them with your digital camera. Invite cookie dough manufacturers to advertise on your site. Join affiliate programs selling other things like chocolates, flowers and cookbooks.

You could do the same with parenting issues, a reunion service, a reminder service, famous quotes or even jokes. Create a jokes database of many different categories and invite people from all over the world to input their favourites. Then you could make the database searchable so people could get a joke for any occasion from wedding toast to children’s birthday parties.

To find others that are passionate about a topic just go to the facebook groups or forums. Your newsreader software or service should tell you how many messages have been posted. The more messages that have been posted, the more people are passionate and actively discussing the topic.

Another way to find popular topics is to use keyword services mentioned earlier in our blog, like Use such services to find search phrases. You’ll find words like “cooking, movies, shopping, travel, jokes, free stuff, beanie babies, flowers, health, gifts” are searched on all the time, in hundreds of different ways.

Are you passionate about anything in the top 1000 search phrases? We know millions of people are and they can’t wait to talk about it! Let users talk to each other and they’ll generate content for you.

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